Your Age & Maturity Are An ASSET with Women.
If you are a man between the ages of 30-50 you're in your PEAK ATTRACTIVENESS To Women. This program will show you exactly how to use this to your advantage, and get women to pursue you.
Watch The Video Below To Learn About The Big Lie That Men Over 30 Have Been Told About Dating.
In The Video Above You Will Learn..

Secret #1 - Talk Forever 

You will learn how to come up with an UNLIMITED amount of engaging things to say when talking to a woman.

Secret #2 - High Quality Dates

You will learn how to get 3 dates a week with hand picked, high quality women without having to approach them in public.

Secret #3 - Perfect 1st Impression

The Charisma Coat Technique GUARANTEES that her first impression of you will always be a PERFECT 10/10.

Secret #4 - Mature Leverage

You will learn how to leverage your age and maturity with women and find out why men between the ages of 30-50 are in their peak attractiveness. 
"Sign-on up and let me walk you through the program     - Barron
What You Will Learn
Lesson Pack #1: Get The Date
 Welcome To The Mature Mens Dating Program
In this video Barron gives you an overview of the program and talks about why it's important for a man to be able to attract a high quality, compatible woman into his life.
Putting Things In A Proper Perspective
First things first, if you've just gotten out of a marriage or long term relationship you need to get your head back on straight before you hit the social scene. In this video you will learn the most efficient ways to do so.
You will also be exposed to new, beneficial perspectives to use when looking at dating and success with women.
The Benefits Of Being A Man Over 30
Men are appreciating assets. You get better and more attractive to women as you age. You also grow to have many more women in your strike zone. In this video you will learn not only why this is true, but also how you can maximize the upsides of being a mature man and minimize the downside.
Increasing Status From Clothing And Attire
If you could increase your overall attractiveness to a woman by 2-3 points with little effort, wouldn't it kind of be a no-brainer?

In this video you will learn how to dress in a way makes women assign positive attributes to you before you ever meet. This allows for a brilliant first impression and ensures that everything you do will be interpreted by her through a "high status" filter.
How To Get An Unlimited Amount Of Dates
The future of dating is here. Your children or grandchildren will be shocked to hear you tell them ol' stories about how people used to actually meet randomly, out in public before online dating began.
In this video you will learn best practices, deduced from hundreds of thousands of profiles and online interactions. This will allow you to put your very best foot forward when interacting with women online.
How To Start A Conversation (With No Risk Of Rejection)
As a man, its nice to know that if you feel compelled to strike up a conversation with a women you see when your out in public, you can.
In this video you will learn the lowest risk, low key and smooth ways to talk to a woman in different social environments.
Creating and Leveraging Your Social Circle
There is a social "glitch" which makes us trust and like people we meet through our social circles. In this video we will learn how to maximize this avenue of meeting women.
How To Smoothly Arrange A Date
How you ask for a woman's number or to go out with you is an important part of the dating process. It is also one which a lot of mistakes are made. In this video, you will learn how to avoid any mistakes and optimize the process to make you look like the high status guy you are.
Lesson Pack #2: On The Date
How To Prepare For The Date
There are many counter intuitive hacks that you can use to your advantage before you show up for your date. They will help us with everything from being in a social, talkative mood to getting us out of our heads and free from social anxiety.
After watching this video you will understand the mantra "Never Show Up Cold!"
How To Make a "Perfect 10" First Impression With "The Charisma Coat"
The Charisma Coat Technique will ensure that you look like a cool, social guy who people remember and respect even if its your first time going out on the town in years.
How To Be An Expert Conversationalist
Women love men who are able to carry a conversation confidently and in an interesting direction. In this video, you will learn how to spontaneously come up with things to say and talk about as well as deal with the sometimes difficult task of getting the conversation going when first meeting.
Lesson Pack #3: Keep Her Around
How To Enter A Healthy Long Term Relationship
To set ourselves up for success, we need to know how not only to attract a woman into our lives who will want to embark in a long term relationship but also know how to chose the perfect woman for us.
In this video you will learn what to look for and what to look out for when making this important decision. You will also learn best practices for establishing and maintaining a strong long term relationship.
Bonus #1: The "Attraction M.B.A." Speech
Full Confidence With Women
By the end of the Attraction M.B.A. you will have an advanced understanding about how attraction between men and women really works that 99% of men never will. You'll feel like a kid in a candy store the first time you can tell a girl who you though was out of your league is into you.
Epic Speech Recorded Live
During this 76 minute speech you will learn everything that I have about ATTRACTION over my 15 year plus journey. This teaching will take you deep into every element of attraction.
15 Years In 1 HOUR
I deduce the very best of everything there is to know about attracting women into 76 minutes of non-stop glory. You will be "standing on the shoulders of giants," as you are able to leverage all of my personal struggles, insights and knowledge to quickly understand all you need to know about attracting women.
Bonus #2
How To Get The Upside From Alcohol And Minimize The Downside
The Essential Guide: Alcohol
Bonus #3
Bonus How To Touch Her In A Way That Is Exciting, Comfortable And Never Creepy
The Essential Guide: Touch
"I would be honored to coach you into your success" 
             - Barron
What People Are Saying About The Program

 " transformed my life."

"Thanks, Barron.
You transformed my life. Having just gotten out of a marriage I was a complete fish out of water trying to start dating again. Your program spelled everything out the way you said it would. Having this level of confidence when talking to women is empowering. Cheers"

" love life has suddenly opened up"

"By the way, since encountering your program my love life has suddenly opened up. Just being more social in general. First day after I had about six fun encounters with women which made me feel good and really kick-started my momentum."

"...I'm a more confident person"

"First I would like to express how awesome your program is, as a result I'm a more confident person. I've also never had this kind of success with women in the previous 58 years of my life."

" I was completely wowed"

"...after watching the program, I was completely wowed. I really like how you give exact things I can go out and immediately try out, rather than dwell on theory."


"Wow Barron. The Mature Men's Dating Program gave me seriously life-changing skills with women. I'm only 26, but found your content to resonate with me much more than other I have seen. Majorly impressed."
How The Program Will Be Delivered
Watch Anywhere
This 8+ hour course is video based. It was recorded with ultra-HD cameras providing flawless video and audio quality. You can listen while you workout, travel, drive or any other time you can rock your ear buds.
Highest Level Of Education
You'll learn more about dating, relationships, social interaction and attracting women in this course than all of your previous education combined (and it costs about 1/1,000th a college degree.)
100% Efficient
This is a no-fluff program. This means you wont have to waste time listening to the typical filler that most products contain to fill the long hours that most programs are (and think looks like higher value but is really wasting your time!)
Common Questions Answered In The Program
  •    What if I haven't had much success dating in the past?
  •    What if I'm a little socially awkward?
  •    What if I always seem to get put in the "Friend Zone?"
  •    What if I'm not good looking, short and have a little bit of a DAD-BOD going on?
  •    What if I'm already doing well but want to be able to attract the highest quality of women?
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